VestaCP web file manager plugin – review


This is my experience and review of VestaCP web file manager plugin that you can buy on their website as an add-on for VestaCP. The price is either $3 pr. month or $50 for a lifetime license.



The proces of buying web file manager was easy. They accept VISA credit card payment (and as far as I remember a lot of other options for payment aswell).

Once you have purchaed your license, you will be redirected to the page below. An email will also be sent with license information.

So far so good.




I followed the instructions in the screenshot above. You have to run version 15 of vestacp which you will check under the "Updates" page.

I typed in my license key. Unfortunately the license key did not work. I got the following error:


File manager vesta license problem


I since contacted Vesta support to help me out with this issue.

They wrote me a great quick reply that fixed my problem:

"Probably "curl" package is missing on your system.

For installing it run in console on server:

apt-get update && apt-get install curl
(if you are using Debian/Ubuntu)

yum install curl
(if you are using RHEL/CentOS)

After that you can activate your licence.
Please let me know if it would not help, and we'll try to figure out the reason."


So if curl is not installed, the activation wont work. Above you see how to install it on your server.




The design and user experience is spot on:



It works quite fast. See video demonstration below:



All in all I can say that all the aspects of the experience are great.

It is very fast and easy to upload files.

The only things I would really love, is a right-click functionality with a small menu of options (alike to the ones in the top, so you don't have to move your cursor all the way to the top bar to do changes.

And an option to change owner (chown) and permissions (chmod) would also be great, but definitely not expected from an online file manager.





  • Great design and UX
  • Very responsive and fast
  • Easy upload


  • Troubled installation (would be nice to be notified I need Curl) EDIT: Developers implemented it in the latest release.
  • Some advanced functionaltiy missing



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