Fix: Local hosts file DNS is ignored

Changing the local hosts file ip can be very effective. For example when you want to move a site from one server to another (change IP).

Click here for a guide on how to setup a local host file DNS change


But how can you be sure that you are accessing your locally defined IP when you go to a website?

There are many local IP lookup tools out there, the most simple solution is to open a command line tool, like Command Prompt  (on Windows) and type

Then type (input your own website):


Which will then return your locally setup IP from your hosts file.

But in my case it doesn't!


I found out the problem was insane ISP caching (Internet Service Provider - the guys supplying you with internet)


So what I did was connect to my mobile internet (set up a hotspot) and then instantly I could see my local hosts file changes.

I am still searching for a better solution, but for now this is definitely working.'

Karsten Madsen

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